About us

We are a group of independent tax advisors with many years of professional experience gained in the largest tax consulting companies.

We believe that a good tax adviser is not only a legal consultant but also a business partner and this is the main principle in our work. In the everyday work for our clients, we try to prove that we are a reliable partner. We focus on knowledge, experience, efficiency, quality and above all safety of the proposed solutions.

KNOWLEDGE – in the world where both transactions and their financing are getting more and more complex, we offer not only expertise in the tax law but also vast knowledge of the sectors we are dealing with. These qualities enable us to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients.

EXPERIENCE – we have many years of professional experience in advising investors from various sectors of the economy. We participated in the biggest transactions from real estate, energy, oil and transport industry, which took place in Poland over last few years.

EFFICIENCY – one of the main and most important purposes of our activities is to lower the effective tax rate. We have created many tax effective investment structures , both for domestic and foreign investors.

QUALITY - to guarantee the highest quality of our services, each project is treated individually and carried out directly by one of our experienced tax advisers. Every customer has different needs thus the right choice of appropriate solutions is of utmost importance.

SAFETY – when offering tax optimization solutions, safety of our client’s tax position is the main priority. This is why it is particularly important to take into account all amendments of tax regulations and inconsistent approach of Polish tax authorities.

Thanks to all that we are able to provide our clients tax advisory services of the highest quality.

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